Les débuts

Route des Celliers, just north of the village of La Terrasse, France

Dear Readers:

Just before this moment, I was writing in my non-blog journal about how I should be writing in my blog about my travels in France. Upon realizing that I had this thought many times before, and I had absolutely no reason to continue procrastinating, what you see is the result of the end of procrastination.

Is this effect due to the start of the New Year when “everyone” is making new resolutions? Or is this a side-effect of being in France (a life-long dream) at the moment? Or is it simply a matter of having strengthened my “do it now” mindset through regular practice? Maybe it is a combination of these and other things.

If you have been in a similar state of procrastination about something that you have been longing to do, and can begin NOW, then stop reading this and go do it! You will feel better afterwards.

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